Keys Factors A Person Should Consider Before Choosing An Engagement Ring

Engagement day is one of the best days of a person’s life, where the person gets united with the loved one forever. It is a day that testifies that the love of a person and their bonding. An engagement ring is the symbol of love that is cherished forever as a beautiful memory. Now, choosing an engagement ring for the big day can be a tough job as a person should consider all aspects then select the best overall from all.

A person will never want anything to go wrong on the all-important day. It is somewhat a big concern for a person as if the engagement ring is not perfect then it might be a spoiler to the best day. For that, there are some factors a person can follow and consider before choosing an engagement ring. These are:

  • Type of the ring

This is a big factor to consider as there are numerous excellent choices available in the market for engagement rings. Specially in recent time platinum vs white gold rings are getting into a new craze, other than that real diamond rings, lab grown diamond rings are also a good type of engagement ring a person can choose.

But, in the case of lab grown diamond, it’s better for a person to consider igi vs gia then it will help to choose the best grade of the diamond.

  • Design & colour

There are various designs and colours in the market so a person should choose a colour that is classy and goes well with the trend. Design is also important as it should look good in the hand while using it.

  • Customized vs ready made

Some people like to design their own engagement rings with their own touch whereas some people go for the ready-made collections. Better to have a look at both options than go for one that goes well with the preferences.

These are some factors that if a person considers well. The ring should have a good design, colour, and long-term durability. If the engagement ring has these qualities, then the person can choose the best overall engagement ring for the best day.

Popular Engagement Ring Types

Engagement rings are forever, and the most valued items in our lives. So, as it is necessary that we can create a memorable love story with the proposal, we must also ensure that we get the right type. When we are choosing an engagement ring, we should know the best type as well.

It is now easier to decide the gemstone since diamonds are now easier to get. After the production of man made diamonds Perth, we now have cheaper and the dazzling stone within our grasp readily. Most of the jewellery shops nearby will offer a good collection of artificial diamond jewellery. We can also get any color precious stone for the ring that will remain the same for years.

But the huge collection of engagement rings makes us wonder which one will be right and make a difference. Depending on the personality and structure of our hands, the type needs to be chosen. Whether it is vintage, classic, or modern, we must learn more to ensure that the right decision has been made. Then the person also needs to know the metal that will match, either gold, silver, or platinum. 

For a classic and minimalist but elegant design, look for solitaire rings. This one is for those who like traditional styles that never go out of style. These rings are also quite inexpensive and easily come with various designs, but quite common.

Or, you can go for something more gorgeous and modern, that is the halo ring. It is quite large that will make the person stand out in a crowd. The fancy style and glamor are perfect for the one who believes in exclusive style and is a fashion icon.

Those who love a vintage look can simply decide on the vintage designs in the collection. They have the retro and romantic outlook to complete the style. They have a complexity seen in the early times and aren’t very easy to reinvent. So, a vintage ring will surely be the most unique one.

Now that you know about the various popular styles, observe which metal will be suitable. You can also check for nontraditional designs as well. Just remember to maintain it and make it dazzle in the crowd.

What do you know about Diamond?

When it comes to jewelry, the first name that comes to our mind is diamond. Nowadays, diamond is a popular jewelry material. It does not use only for jewelry, but also for other accessories. The shining crystal makes its name and raises its value. But how many of us do know about it properly? For lack of information, we get scammed many times. In this article you will know about the matter, types, color, uses, etc. So, let’s start.

What is a Diamond?

Diamond is a solid matter which is made of crystal carbon. The natural diamonds can be found in the deep layer of the earth’s surface. You can find many types of diamonds but natural diamonds are rare now. That’s why now diamonds are producing in the lab. In the lab, scientists use high temperatures and pressure to create diamonds. It is similar to natural diamonds but affordable. Diamonds are a hard matter. You cannot break it easily.

Types of Diamonds

Scientifically, diamonds are five types such as type la lb aB, lla, and llb. These diamonds types depend on the elements. Besides this, you can find blood diamonds, blue crystal diamonds, pink blood diamonds, etc. Blood diamonds are found in the diamond mine war zone.

Color of Diamonds

Diamond comes in many colors. But in nature, you can find a transparent, white, and yellowish diamond. But in the marketplace, you will get red, blue, yellow, orange, white, pink, etc. Most of the time people prefer transparent diamonds for an engagement ring, wedding jewelry, etc.

The Market Value

The market value of diamonds is the highest. From history, diamonds are expensive and flawless jewelry material.

Uses of Diamonds

Diamonds are always the preferable material for jewelry. You can create any type of jewelry with diamonds such as necklace, tiara, bangles, bracelet, locket, earrings, rings, etc. Besides this, nowadays, it is also used on wristwatches, shoes, purses, dresses, face jewelry, etc.

Besides this, the diamond business is also profitable. Many companies are making a lot of money by selling or buying diamonds. So it is not just a jewelry material, but also a business idea.