Simple Tips You Should Remember While Cleaning Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is something that has a special corner in the heart and no person will want to see a mini scratch on it. After a time, engagement rings can look a bit pale and the colour may come off.  There is nothing to worry about as it can happen to any type of engagement ring. If you are someone who is getting worried about how to clean my engagement ring then you can try washing your ring at home but with cautious steps. While caring and cleaning your engagement ring, you should be careful as the colour of some rings may not come back after a wash.

People might get sad when they see their engagement rings getting faded and colourless. The engagement ring is not just a ring, it is a whole emotion of people. It is a ring that is cherished whenever worn on the fingers of people. Among all the jewels, it is the one that has a place in the heart and it will be loved forever. Cleaning an engagement ring at home can sound easy but it is not as simple as it sounds. Rings that are sensitive tend to lose their beauty after washing. The quality of the ring may get hampered after a hard wash so it’s necessary for people to know the cleaning process and then try the step at home.

If you are keen to clean your engagement rings then you have two options, one is you can clean your ring at home using house items or you can send your engagement ring to the jeweller for a new look. Now, if you are planning to clean your ring at home without spending extra bucks then there are some simple tips you should remember while cleaning your engagement rings, such as:

  • Using proper tools

If your engagement ring has a diamond or any precious gemstone in it then you should use the proper tools to clean it. You have to make a solution using warm water and dishwashing soap. You just have to soak your ring and use a brush to clean it. If you are curious about how to clean diamond ring at home using simple ways, then you can try this step. This solution can be used for any normal ring to an engagement ring.

  • Soft wash only

For better results, if you use rough hands while washing your engagement ring then you are inviting a disastrous result. You should wash the ring with soft hands and take time while cleaning. Hard wash is strictly prohibited as it can make the stone of your engagement ring dull and colourless.

These tips can make your engagement ring cleaning easy and less troublesome; the glow of your most loved ring will be back. 


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